COOP general information

23 februari, 2023


With the Coop Supplier Network service, you as an approved supplier can:

  • Manage item and price alerts as well as promotions
  • Alert in the event of product incidents and product alarms
  • Find assortment and store listings
  • Find information about Coop's assortment model, sustainabilitywork, product supply chain and much more

As a supplier, you will receive login information in one of these ways:

·       If you already have an account for login to Coop SAP, you can log in with this

·       If you are already an approved supplier, contact the person who is your main user of the system and they can create an account for you

· If you are not approved as a supplier, you need to go through the application process described below


Here on the supplier portal, you who want to be our supplier can submit your application and then follow the process using your login details, which you enter in your application. The process takes 1-3 months, for you who are a local food producer in Sweden, we handle your application especially quickly under the current circumstances.

You can find the application form on Coop Supplier Network.

In addition to information about your company, the questionnaire includes the following parts:

  • Questions about your products and/or services and country of production.
  • If you want to deliver to the whole of Sweden or one / more regions.
  • Information about payment days and collective agreements.
  • You are asked to confirm that you live up to Coop's policy documents and requirements.
  • You are also asked to answer questions regarding relevant legislation and attach any certificates.
  • There is also room for free text where you can describe what you bring as a supplier to Coop.


Coop is investing in automation and digitalization in order to meet the future needs of their customers. This is part of ensuring a more efficient and sustainable supply chain operation. Coop's latest investment is a new automated terminal in Eskilstuna, which will fully replace the existing terminals in Bro and Västerås by 2024. The terminal in Enköping will not be affected. As a supplier, you have an important role to play in helping us offer our members and customers a supply chain that is adapted for the future.

The terminal in Eskilstuna will open in September 2023, but already now requirements are being placed on all Coop's suppliers who deliver to the terminals in Bro and Västerås. We fully comply with the industry standards for packaging, pallets, master data, and EDI.

If you need help with any transition of items or have questions, please contact us at:

Here you will find Coop's guide to customization for automation:

· Coop's Automation Guide

· Coop's Automation guide ) (english)


Coop is constantly developing in order to be able to meet the future demands of customers. To ensure an efficient logistics chain from producer to consumer, we need to increase digitization. With the implementation of Coop's new business system SAP S/4 and the start of operation of the new automated terminal in Eskilstuna, all suppliers who will deliver to the Eskilstuna terminal need to communicate via EDI.

As a supplier, you have an important role in order for us to be able to offer our members and customers goods handling adapted to the future.

This affects all suppliers who deliver via existing terminals except suppliers of Newspapers, Games & Services.

Suppliers must ensure that these requirements are followed before the start of operations of Coop´s new business system SAP S4 and the automated terminal in Eskilstuna.

The ESAP20 messages that are requirements from Coop are the following:

· Orders

·       o Order recognition

·       o Order confirmation

·       Delivery notification – DESADV

·       Invoice (Debit and Credit) – ESAP20 and D93 Control messages

More detailed information about Coop’s new terminal and EDI is available when logged in to Coop Supplier Network.


Suppliers must comply with the ECR Product Incident Management Handbook

Product incident management,

Here you will find information about routines for product alarms at Coop


For us, it is important that the personal data you as a business partner entrust to us is handled in a careful, transparent and legal manner. Read more here.

You can read more about how we handle your personal data here:


For other questions, you as a supplier are welcome to contact Coop on